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In 2000 it was purchased  Refrabaz Dej, the former refractory bricks factory. In that period the company was  bankrupt and its debts were over 160 million rons. Not much was recovered from the old bricks factory, but its positioning and the area were very well placed for the business of the group.

For aproximately five more years  it carried on with the production of bricks within Refrabaz, the entire raw material used in the production process being brought from China.

In March 2006 the company changed its name in IZO TEC, with its official headquarters in Dej, in the location of the former bricks factory.

Izo Tec fits as activity profile  within MG TEC group due to the fact that the activtiy of the company is oriented to produce and sell construction materials, so that the company completes  the range of products offered to the construction market.

MG TEC Grup companies have implemented and certified integrated management systems in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. By organizing and operating within the integrated management system, we guarantee our customers constant quality products that do not affect the environment or user’s health.


Manufacture of factory made dry mortars and thermal insulating products for buildings applications according to the standards in force, offering a good price-quality ratio.



Seriousness in everything we do is the engine that keeps us moving.


In any business, professionalism is the guarantee of long-term success… So is for us.


Responsibility towards environment and community is our main priority.


Any project started is a project ended.


Respect towards customers, suppliers and employees…and so everyone is winning.


It is moral to always choose what is good, even if this means not always being the winner.